Ever thought of being a kibbutz volunteer in Israel?

My name is John Carson, I'm an English backpacker and I was a kibbutz volunteer for over two years -- and had a fantastic time! This site will offer tips, hints and information on being a kibbutz volunteer, what Israel is like and what you can get up to over there.

This site is for information purposes only. It is your responsibilty to do your own research before planning and arranging your trip.

Free Kibbutz Volunteer Guide
A 20-page PDF file that I wrote containing a summary of information on how to be a kibbutz volunteer. Download, read online, e-mail to friends or print out for handy reference. (You will need the free Adobe reader to view it which can be downloaded from here.)

School Books And Gas Masks
An essay I wrote about being in Israel during the first Gulf War.

Let me just state that I don't live in Israel and am not an agency of any kind so can't organize a place on a kibbutz for you. I get no money for this site from an official kibbutz volunteer office; it's just a passion of mine that I produce so people can learn more about the experience. Click here for the main office in Israel.

I also had a book published called Beer And Bagels For Breakfast. This is an informative guide to being a volunteer on a kibbutz in Israel. I have been a volunteer four times now and, believe me, you will not understand what a good time can be had unless you try it. Beer And Bagels For Breakfast is a diary of those brilliant days as a kibbutz volunteer. It is fast becoming THE volunteer bible! Buy it here.

I welcome any questions about being a kibbutz volunteer -- just e-mail me or sign my guestbook (please...us travellers are scattered worldwide and I want to hear your comments and stories!), and return often because I am always updating this site. Hope you find it useful and decide to backpack to Israel to be a kibbutz volunteer!

There is a page of kibbutz volunteer information here for people who are thinking about doing it for the first time. There is also a very informative BBC article here about what to expect as a kibbutz volunteer -- I really recommend you read this one.

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